Heart Pillow Project Scandinavia - Snip & Stuff

The HPPS, Heart Pillow Project Scandinavia, is a voluntary organization that makes and delivers small soft pillows to patients going through treatment for breast cancer. These pillows are meant to provide physical and emotional support for each recipient. The small size and softness are perfect for offering cozy support, especially when placed under the arm on the affected side. The pillows are given out at hospital by the breast care nurses to everyone diagnosed with breast cancer and want to take one.

We have agreed to cut out and stuff some of these hearts and sincerely hope that you will want to get involved. Space is limited so sign up early!
The event is free, we just ask for your time and perhaps a contribution to refreshments.

More information and RSVP

CLICK HERE: https://whoozin.com/QKF-TM7-UGM7-3U3Q

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