Iron Age Farm Tour


The Iron Age Farm at Ullandhaug is a reconstructed farmstead from the Migration Period, circa 350-550 AD. It is located at the top of Ullandhaug.




The guide will also provide information about the new visitor’s centre that opened to the public on January 28th, 2018.




We’ll meet at 10:20 for a 10:30 tour.




Afterwards those who wish to stay longer can have a coffee or lunch in the visitor’s centre. The cost of coffee/lunch is not included in the tour.




The subsidised cost of the tour is 80 NOK for members and 160 NOK for guests. Please contact me before registering guests. You can use the link "Send comment to organizer" to send me a message.


Following the new rules please make sure your payment reaches the PWC by Wednesday 28th March.
Please make your payment via bank tranfer to the PWC account 3201.08.90313 referencing "Your Name" and "Iron age farm tour" so we can associate the payment to you. 
If you are unable to pay by bank transfer please get in touch to pass the payment to myself by the 28th March.




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